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Empty Stage
walks on stage Hello kids! How are you all doing? Welcome to Hope Camp!! I hope all of you guys are doing well!! Are y’all excited for this week!!!? Waits for answer Woohoo! Awesome, so right now, we are going to start our skit!!! This skit will be about the amazing adventures of a certain boy...
There once was a boy named Enoch. Energetically walks up stage and then puts hand on hip
Enoch walks on stage, wearing a grey hoodie or just anything that looks pretty casual/bummed down, walks over casually
Looks up at audience Oh... Oh hey, there... smiles
Enoch, was an average high school boy that lived a normal life... He enjoyed his life, but it wasn’t as great as he hoped it would be for sure...
smiling until the narrator says his life wouldn’t going to be as great HOLD UP x3! What? I DO live a normal life! I, in fact... Live an INCREDIBLE life!!! I have a great family grandmother, sister run behind him waving across the stage -left to right pat sister on head friends , friends run behind him waving across the stage do your random handshakes, aaaaaand... pauses and smirks an AMAAAAAZING girlfriend... Girlfriend walks across stage next to Enoch and puts his arm around her, then she walks off ??????? . What could possibly ever go wrong?!
Heh... It’s funny that you say all of that...
Wh-why!!! Aren’t you the narrator? Shouldn’t you be saying great things about me and my life!
That wouldn’t be much of a story then...
Angry Well, why not!
You will see.
rolls his eyes Whatever, I don’t need to listen to that know it all narrator, Hmph...
Come running on stage Enoch! Enoch! pants heavily
Yo Silas! Hey! What’s up?
Your friends... Your friends...
What about my friends? pats Silas’ back
They’ve been.. They’ve been talking straight up garbage about you!
stunned, blinks a lot kind of like the gif Uhhhh... Excuse me?
Yeah... They’ve all been saying how you’re a loser who cuddles with teddy bears every night.
Huh??? suddenly embarrassed But... But no... They can’t...
What... Just because I love my bear Efang throws bear to him doesn’t mean I am a loser alright! I can’t believe this, I thought they were my friends... throws bear back to Evan Fang behind divider, turns away from Silas and thinks
Guess not, mah dude. Sorry man. I just wanted to let you know.
Great... mutters under his breath Guess that nosy narrator jinxed everything...
What was that?
Nothing... Annoyed
Yeah... But... I am sorry... They don’t want to hang out with you anymore.
But I’ve known them for as long as I can remember... Don’t they care about me??? Why can’t they just accept me for who I am?!?!
I don’t know man. They said they were just your friends out of pity.
Wait.... slowly What do you mean...clearly hurt
suddenly Enoch’s cellphone rings and Enoch picks it up
sadly ...Hello?
...sniff sniff... Enee?? nick name for Enoch crying on the phone
Bethany! You alright?
........nnnnNOOOOO!!! sobbing
Looks up in exhaust What happened... And why are you crying...
The people at school are BUUUUULLYING MEEEE!!! Whines
Oh, great... That makes two of us... exchanges a look with Silas
Come home, QUICK!
Wait.. where’s So’oh?
She’s with me... But... JUST COME BACK HOME!!!!
Okay, okay... Be back soon, sis... hangs up the phone
Turns to Silas and sighs Come, we have to go comfort my sister now.
Right on, mah dude. Pat back
Both walk across stage and then Bethany and the grandma walk on stage, Bethany is crying heavily
Bethany!!! You alright?
sniff sniff WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
What happened?
A lot of those young girls pulled her hair and called her fake... Honestly, for no reason. I’m telling you, kids these days are sometimes just so rude... shake head and sigh
pats Bethany’s shoulder Hey, hey... Don’t let those twerps bother you, alright? What do they know?
sniffling Everything... They’re probably right to hate me... I am just the worst...
Hey, don’t talk like that, missy! You are a child of God!!! That’s no way to talk of yourself...
I don’t CARE! Everything is tumbling down... And also... Turns to Enoch Stephanie is cheating on you...
Huge silence
In complete shook W-What... did you say...?
Stephanie is cheating on you... Audience chimes in with “OOOOO”
looks down and doesn’t say a word
No... No, this can’t be... Wait..... WHY!!!!!!!! in complete utter despair
Yeah... And not to mention a raid of thieves entered our house and stole many things... Mainly my stash of money and jewelry...
What... What... WHAT... WHY!!!!! Falls on his knees URGHHHH!!!!
...I’m sorry... mah dude...
Why.... Why is this all happening to me!?!?!?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!! That stinking narrator...
Hey hey hey... This isn’t my doing... This is in God’s plan...
NO!!!!!! First my friends abandon me, my girlfriend cheated on me... And now the thieves stole our money???? Why!!!!! Why me!!!!! Lists them off by counting fingers
And me too!! Not everything’s about you!!!
Enoch runs off stage and everyone else gets off stage too
In Enoch’s room...
Walks on stage, Holding a bible How could you, God... How could you... HOW COULD YOU! Falls onto the ground
violently sobbing I believed in you, God... Right???? I trusted in you... I had everything... I was so grateful... My friends... My family... Look around at people and also look up at the roof. At the end, also point up towards the sky
Don’t you promise me power, God? Why... Why then do I feel so weak?!!?!?!
Shakes head and sort of moves hands around lol in sadness God... Please... Make things right... If you could give me strength... Maybe even power... Just to make things right.... Please... Whatever it takes...
Five second pause
Do you trust me, Enoch?
brings bible up to ear Wait... WHAT!!! God!!!! Well... Y...Yes I trust you... I think....
With me, anything is possible... Do you believe this?
Well... yeah...? I... I guess so...
Do you? sternly
YES! YES I DO! scrambles up and sits upright
Then I will answer your prayer. I will give you one power each day, to help you with your circumstances. But know this, I am only doing this so that all will see my glory. If you abuse these gifts... You for sure will no longer have it, and you will be worse off than you are right now.
shoot up for this part Wait... FOR REAL????? I can have powers???? brings up hands Like what type of powers we talkin’ here... Like... Like... move hands to thinkSuper speed???? running man Super strength holds onto biceps..... Oh uhhhhh.... TELEPORTATION!!!! shake body
chuckles Tomorrow, at dawn you will see.
Come tomorrow to see what incredible no pun intended powers God will give to Enoch... #SUPAHPOWAAAAAAHZ
End Day 1.